Heres What Google Is Cooking Up For Ice Cream Sandwich And Beyond!

  • Hardware Accelerated UI — Silky smooth scrolling and transitions like that other phone.
  • Ground-up Multicore Support — Apps running on older Android versions can use a multicore processor, but this is the first time the Android Framework will take advantage of all that power.
  • The Tron Theme — Sadly Daft Punk isn’t doing the sound effects.
  • Virtual Buttons — More awesome than you realize.
  • Resizable and Scrollable Widgets — The default launcher might actually be useful!
  • New Keyboard — You get a tab key.
  • Notification Controls — The Honeycomb Music Player has Play/Pause, Next and Back controlsin the notification. More stuff like that.
  • A Tabbed Browser  — Which, by the way, is not Chrome.
  • Chrome Bookmark Sync — Just because it’s not Chrome, doesn’t mean we can’t steal Chrome’s features.
  • HD Youtube — Phones should start getting 720p screens, but if not, it will still make for great HDMI output.
  • Redesigned Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Gallery and Email Apps — The Camera App is the biggest change. It’s desperately needed a facelift. The UI is in a circle like a real life point and shoot. Everything else received a nice coat of polish.
  • Encrypted Storage — Privacy nuts and your I.T. Department will be happy.
  • USB Host and Bluetooth Support for Mass Storage Devices, Keyboards, Mice, Gamepads, Joysticks, and Cameras — Android’s getting closer to a being real computer. A device with a full size USB port can now do 99% of the USB things a desktop can.
  • Wi-Fi Proxy Settings — Per access point proxy settings. If you have to ask you don’t need it, but there are some people that really need it.
  • Auto Account Login — You don’t ever have to peck in your Google credentials in Honeycomb. Ever. It’s awesome and needed more on phones than it is on tablets.
  • Media Scanner is Out, Media Sync is In — Media Scanner is the app that triggers that «Preparing SD Card» notification. Have you ever downloaded something and an app didn’t notice the new file? That’s because Media Scanner is stupid. Media Scanner is dead now, and everything notices new files instantly.

Heres What Google Is Cooking Up For Ice Cream Sandwich And Beyond!.

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