Архив Декабрь 2011

Принимаем платежи на сайте с банковских карт при помощи Skrill


Принимаем платежи на сайте с банковских карт при помощи Skrill / Платежные системы / Хабрахабр.

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Обзор свежих материалов, октябрь-ноябрь 2011 / Интерфейсы /

Этот материал продолжает серию ежемесячных обзоров свежих статей по теме интерфейсов, новых инструментов и коллекций паттернов, интересных кейсов и исторических рассказов. Из лент нескольких сотен тематических подписок отбирается примерно 5% стоящих публикаций, которыми интересно поделиться. Предыдущие материалы: апрель 2010-сентябрь 2011.

Обзор свежих материалов, октябрь-ноябрь 2011 / Интерфейсы / Хабрахабр.

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ionelmc/jquery-gp-gallery — GitHub

jQuery gallery plugin (a la google plus gallery)

Gallery that resizes the images to fit the container width and show zoomed in images on hover.

ionelmc/jquery-gp-gallery — GitHub.

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Revue GTV2.0 tips

Revue GTV2.0 UI/PQ, Netflix & Apps quick review.

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The Official Google TV Blog: Tips & Tricks for the Google TV Pro

If you own a Google TV, we’re a little hurt that you’re reading this instead of enjoying a movie, watching YouTube or enjoying music videos on TV like you did in the 90s.  Unless—of course—you are reading this on your Google TV. Don’t worry, though, we’ll get over it if you make us a promise: try all the tips & tricks  and then pay it forward. If you don’t know what we mean by pay it forward, your fabulous Search for Google TV will take you straight to the answer.

Источник: The Official Google TV Blog: Tips & Tricks for the Google TV Pro.

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List of Market Apps that can be run — Logitech Forums

Re: List of Market Apps that can be run


12-18-2011 07:46 PM

This is interesting, after I posted my question I ran across a folder on the dropbox web site that contains apks for a number of applications. They all run on the revue.


1.  Open the Google Chrome web browser on your GTV and navigate to:  https://www.dropbox.com/

2.  Click “Log In” at the top right corner of that webpage

3.  Sign in using the following credentials:

login: gtvmarket@gmail.com

password: GTV2011

4.  Select the folder named “APKs Confirmed for public GTV2.0″


There is quite a list of applications also look in the other folders, apparently some are under test. I sideloaded dropbox and now I can load directly from the folders using the dropbox applications and the credentials listed above.


I loaded the following apps that work:





Documents to Go

Amazon Market


I will continue to try various applications and update this thread as appropriate

Источник: List of Market Apps that can be run — Logitech Forums.

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Бесплатные SMS. Каждому!

Бесплатные SMS. Каждому! / IM / Хабрахабр.

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