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FXI Cotton Candy Release Date Update and New Images- Shipping this Month

We all remember the FXI TECH Cotton Candy USB thumb drive computer, we showcased last year on the site.  Which housed a 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos ARM CPU, quad-core GPU ARM Mali-400 MP , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot for storage(64GB max), and a HDMI jack. FXI Cotton Candy had been dubbed the worlds smallest computer in a thumb drive; development units went on preorder in February of 2012 and was expected to ship in March of 2012.Now that march has come and going and we are well into May; some have begun to call the device vaporware. So we put out a call to FXI TECH with some pertinent questions about their the status of Cotton Candy…….

Источник: FXI Cotton Candy Release Date Update and New Images- Shipping this Month.



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google-tv-chrome-extensions — Google TV Communication via Chrome Extensions — Google Project Hosting

This project has sample Chrome Extensions to help you learn how to use the Google TV Pairing Protocol and Anymote libraries in a Chrome Extension. Example extensions include:



AnymoteExample is a simple, functional extension that demonstrates Google TV communication using an NPAPI plugin. AnymoteLearningExercise is the starting point for a learning exercise. Currently AnymoteLearningExercise is non-functional. The goal is to watch the Google IO video (https://developers.google.com/events/io/sessions/gooio2012/1301/), open the LearningExerciseInstructions/instruction.html file, and implement the functionality yourself. When you finish the exercise, AnymoteLearningExercise will be the same as AnymoteExample and you’ll know a lot more about using the NPAPI library.

After you finish the learning exercise you should be able to copy the plugin folder to your own extension and start using the plugin yourself. By understanding the plugin methods you should be able to quickly get starting making extensions for Google TV.

Be warned that AnymoteExample is meant to be a simple example of the plugin methods, not a demonstration of best practice in defensive programming. In a real extension, exceptions should be handled appropriately and attempting Anymote communication should not be allowed until pairing is complete.

Источник: google-tv-chrome-extensions — Google TV Communication via Chrome Extensions — Google Project Hosting.

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The Anymote-Media-Beamer application allows you to beam video files from computers to Google TV devices.

You need a Java 1.6 runtime environment (JRE) for your operating system. Download the beamer.jar file from the Github downloads page for this project. Double-click the beamer.jar file to start the application.

When you connect to a Google TV device for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a PIN code that is displayed on the Google TV device. Pairing will only happen once per Google TV device. Then you can drag-and-drop video files onto the application to beam it to the Google TV device.

Источник: entertailion/Anymote-Media-Beamer · GitHub.

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