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Компания J’son & Partners Consulting подготовила исследование «Телевизоры будущего: NextGenTV». | TV-Smart.Ru

Телевизор будущего немыслим без выхода в Интернет. По мнению аналитиков, уже совсем скоро не только high-end-сегмент, но и массовый продукт станет в ряд «подключенных» устройств и займет свое место среди таких устройств, как смартфоны, планшеты и PC.

Источник: Компания J’son & Partners Consulting подготовила исследование «Телевизоры будущего: NextGenTV». | TV-Smart.Ru.


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Viddy now available for Android

With Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram, you’d think the world of social networking was all but exhausted. Not so. Seems the folks at Viddy have found a new way of sharing your life with friends, this time with video. I know what you’re thinking — there’s already YouTube for that. Yes, and no. With YouTube, there’s a lot of headache involved when creating a channel and keeping up with video comments, channel comments, messages, etc., etc.. While the YouTube mobile app makes it easier to upload “vlogs” or street fights, there’s still a lot of commitment involved.

Источник: Viddy now available for Android – It’s like Instagram and Twitter for video.

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TouchDevelop — создание приложений на сенсорных устройствах прямо из браузера

TouchDevelop — создание приложений на сенсорных устройствах прямо из браузера / Блог компании Luxoft / Хабрахабр.

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Мониторинг сообщений и звонков в Android

Мониторинг сообщений и звонков в Android / Хабрахабр.

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Registroid — Android Point of Sale

Registroid™ Point of Sale for Android™

The Registroid Cloud is a complete portable point of sale (POS) system running in the palm of your hand.

Regardless of where your business takes you, enjoy having full Point of Sale capabilities using your Registroid Cloud, the mobile cash register for Android devices.

Whether you have a mobile phone or tablet, Registroid offers features and support no other portable/mobile POS can provide. Giving you fast and easy credit card processing along with full control over your business — whether you have a single register or multiple devices.

Источник: Registroid — Android Point of Sale.

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NFC Tags from IdentiveNFC.com


NFC Tags from IdentiveNFC.com.

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nadam/nfc-reader · GitHub

Simple NFC reader for Android based on the sample code from the Android SDK.

The app is available on Android Market.


If you have problem compiling the app make sure you have the /libs/guavalib.jar included in the build path.

Источник: nadam/nfc-reader · GitHub.

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